Boca Boys Baked Beans with Peaches

1 package bacon
2 large yellow onions, chopped
1 50 ounce can of baked beans (recommended: Bush's)
1 can peach pie filling
1/2 cup barbecue sauce
4 tablespoons Boca Boys BBQ Rub, recipe follows

Boca Boys Dry Rub

+ = either one tablespoon or one cup, depending on how much rub you make at a given time. Thus +++ means 3 tablespoons or 3 cups.

++++ Granulated Garlic Powder
++++ Chili Powder
++ Paprika (I use Szeged Hot Hungarian)
+ Garam Masala - an Indian spice blend, made by McCormicks and others
+ Cayenne Pepper (okay, you can use 1/2... woosy.)
1/2 Celery Seed