My musical tastes tend to run to the marginally obscure. I like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but I love Nina Simone and Brian Auger with Julie Driscoll. I've been to more than my share of Pink Floyd concerts but I've yet to see Dread Zeppelin on anything but the internet.

These links, with some comments by your humble narrator, will lead you to some of the music that you ought to be listening to. I'm not saying that what you've got on the radio right now isn't valid. Just these players deserve your attention, before they go broke or die.

Dread Zeppelin This is a band fronted by a 300 pound Elvis impersonator that has made its claim to fame by covering just about every Led Zeppelin song made, with a Reggae beat. They've since moved on to other musicians including Tom Jones and Cream. I've got 9 CD's by Dread Zeppelin in my collection and intend to get new ones as they spit them out.

Roy Harper My favorite Roy Harper story:

My friend Marc and I traveled to "My Father's Place" in Roslyn, Long Island to see Roy just after his first US release. Must have been 1975. We had, within a few short weeks of getting the album, learned every song by heart. Roy comes on stage with the band and plays a few tunes we hadn't heard. Then they start playing "The Game". We start singing. Roy stops the band and leans over the stage to our table and asks, "Do you guys really know this song?" We say, "Of course, all 13 minutes and 43 seconds!" Roy calls for microphones, passes them to our table and sits on the edge of the stage and starts from the top. We sing, he sings, we flip out! Best time I ever had at a concert!

Roy Harper has been recording music since 1967. With over 40 albums to his credit as well as several musical appearances with Pink Floyd (he sings Have A Cigar on Wish You Were Here), he never fails to please the true fan. Roy plays constantly around the British Isles with the odd date in the US every now and then.

WFMU Radio Not just a radio station.

It is with great pride that I can say that I did radio at WFMU for almost 11 years. WFMU stands out in the great sea of boring airwaves like that perfect wave a surfer waits for. There is something, many things, for almost everyone to listen to eminating from the studios of WFMU.