Couples Resorts - Jamaica

Couples Resorts has four locations in Jamaica: two on the Ocho Rios side called Couples Tower Isle or CTI and Couples San Souci, shortened to CSS for those who frequent it. The other two are on the Negril end of the island: Couples Negril or CN and Couples Swept Away, commonly known as CSA - our resort of choice.

Below are links to photos from as many trips as I could lay my hands on. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image. Spend some time looking. Call your travel agent when you're done.

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My first trip to Jamaica was in August 1982 to what was then called simply "Couples Jamaica". It was a charter trip with a 3-1/2 hour ride in school busses down a dirt road that often slipped into the Caribbean Sea. Pour me a drink sometime and I'll tell you the whole tale. What I will tell you here is that I fell in love with Jamaica on that trip and have been going back over and over again to where I am now considered to be a "yardie" as in, "this is my yard, where I play."

In 1998, Couples bought the Swept Away hotel in Negril on Seven Mile Beach. My first trip was the following October 1999 and I have been going back twice a year ever since, occasionally swapping out CSA for a trip back to the original resort, now known as Couples Tower Isle. They bought Couples San Souci in September 2005 and I added it to the Jamaican repertoire the following December for a two-week stay over Christmas and New Years.

The question most often posed to me is "Why go back to the same place every year, twice a year?" There simple answer is to just quote the popular Jamaican ad campaign slogan - Once You Go, You Know. It's as obvious as that. Sure, the food is amazing and I love Jamaican jerk. The ambiance is tropical paradise, romance is a given. The people are friendly and warm, and not just because you're a tourist. It's a laid-back way of life they call "Island Time". Poor, yes, but happy with what they've got and lacking any desire to give up that lifestyle for any other.