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The Internet is a vast portal to nowhere; you think you're going places but when you unglue your eyes from the screen you're still in the same place. We need to start replacing windows with doors, make the internet a true method of transport. Nonetheless, these days social status requires one to have a webpage. This is mine. Welcome.

You can call me Ricky, everyone does since I shaved off my moustache and 20 years. I've given up on Richard; he was boring. I write, I take photographs, I cook, I'm a certified barbecue judge, I design gardens, I live an interesting life. Most of my friends want to be me. Odd . . . I spend a lot of time on the beach.

Don't steal. Naughty boy! If you like this stuff please tell someone famous about me. That's what life is really all about - fame. Screw the fortune, you get that for free once you get the fame.

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