Couples Swept Away - April 2013 - Trip 19 of 27

No matter how many weddings you see on the beach at Couples Swept Away, you can never imagine what it's like until you're the couple standing there in the sand and the hot sun, holding hands and listening to the preacher say the words that will bind you together forever. We chose 4/20 (an appropriate date for the two of us) and 10 o'clock in the morning. It was a magical experience.

Suzi and Colinette, who did her hair.

The bride, ready to dress.

Meeting the preacher just before we walked.

The walk onto the beach.

And we're getting married.

The final invocation.

The kiss.

Our wedding party.

It's all legal now.

In the garden eating cake and drinking champagne.

Another kiss.

Toasting with Priscilla, the wedding coordinator.

Lovebirds made out of towels.

Our wedding night dinner at Feathers.

A treasure chest made of sand.

Towel bird with shades.

The happy bride on the balcony.

And on the beach.

Some snorkeling pictures.

A Travelers palm.

"Hat" walking the beach with his wares.

Two more vendors discussing the weather.

Elvis, who can get you anything.

A Moray Eel.

I captured a huge starfish, but let him go.

The Giraffe chair that came home in a pillow case.