Couples Swept Away - April 2015 - Trip 23 of 31

For more than a dozen years, I'd ridden past this KFC and not given it much thought. Recently, word of just how amazingly good the chicken was at KFC in Jamaica had been seeping into my consciousness. So, for this trip, we hired a driver rather than taking the free shuttle to check it out for ourselves.

It was well worth the trip and I highly recommend you try it, next time you're in Montego Bay.

We bought one of each: Original Recipe, Barbecue, and Spicy. The Spicy is the best, not too hot, but full of flavor.

This is Linston Dobson, our driver - one of the best on the island - giving his approval of the feast.

The Original tasted NOTHING like KFC in the states. The Barbecue was the Original dipped in barbecue sauce.

Horses and riders on the beach. For a few dollars you can take a ride.

Seven Mile Beach has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

With clouds to the west, the setting sun is on fire.

Suzi demonstrating the effects of "sand gravity".

Same sunset, 30 minutes later, and the sky lighting up as it sets.

Jerk pork heating over hot coals in an aluminum pot. This is from the "Red Dragon".

Jenny's is a bakery and restaurant. We went there for the "brownies" but didn't try them.

The Blue Castle on the rocks. Lots of great snorkeling here - Negril's West End.

The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea from the rocks.

The Negril Lighthouse, still in operation and solar powered.

Suzi standing at the base of a 100-year-old Banyan.

More clear water and caves below the lighthouse.

A better view of the caves.

Setting up for the beach party on Friday night.

The bread station.

Peppered shrimp is cooked in a massive wok.

Now, that's a salad bar.

Bammy and Festival are fried goodness.

As the sky grows dark, food is loaded.

Sweet treats for dessert.

Serving jerk pork.

Curried Goat - Suzi's favorite.

Ackee & Saltfish, dumplings, and Star Apple - my favorite.
The Beach Party is every Friday night and it features food for every taste. Lots of Jamaican dishes: jerk pork and jerk chicken, curried goat.

Ackee & Saltfish - the Jamaican National dish - is served for breakfast on Wednesday and Sunday. Jamaican Star Apple, also known as Cainito, is in season in April but not served all the time. A wonderful fruit that we are growing here in South Florida.

This trip started at KFC and just got better every day. For me, it's all about the food!