Couples San Souci / Couples Swept Away - April 2016 - Trip 25 of 33

It had been 8 years since my last visit to Couples San Souci and not only was I anxious for Suzi to see it, but to see how much had changed. Well, it had indeed changed and not to our liking. It's a beautiful resort, but it lacks the Jamaican vibe we love so much at Swept Away. You could easily mistake it for someplace in the Bahamas or any one of the Virgin Islands. The food is pretty much the same, the service a notch better, but it just didn't draw us in like Swept Away does.

It is the most romantic of the four Couples resorts and if you're a nudist, there's a pool and beach where you can burn all those normally hidden body parts. Neither of the two beaches is worth hanging on and the pool seems to be the major attraction.

The highlight of the trip and one of the other major reasons for going, was lunch at Scotchies. For those of us who eat Jamaican jerk style barbecue, Scotchies is Mecca. There a couple of other locations - Kingston and Mobay - but the one in Ocho Rios is the original and the one visited by Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain. They have some of the best jerk chicken and pork you will ever eat!
Scotchies main entrance.

The head cook at work.

Close up of whole chickens cooking.

Jerk pork on the cooker.

Moving the meat.

Jerk chicken and jerk pork.

Two kinds of jerk sausage.

The main chicken cooker.

After three nights at Couples San Souci, we crossed the island to Couples Swept Away and began our 10th trip to paradise. As always, we requested and got a second floor Atrium suite, complete with hammock and a bit of the view of the sea.

Our first night's sunset didn't disappoint and the chorus of tree frogs began to sing as the last rays of the sun slipped over the horizon.

Always looking for something different on each trip, we decided to visit Mayfield Falls. Online and from the concierge desk, we were told it was a 90-minute drive. This would be accurate if the road had not be bombed and traffic wasn't bumper to bumper until we started up into the mountains.

The drive took a bit over 2 hours, but the magnificent views of the countryside were worth the extra time. The "falls" are not much more than a few feet high, but again, spectacular scenery is the prize.

The Watermelon House in Negril.

Mountains in the distance covered with bamboo.