Couples Swept Away - April 2017 - Trip 27 of 35

We always ensure that we'll make two Friday night beach parties. Honestly, it's some of the best food served at the resort and since it's buffet style, you can really gorge yourself on the goodies!

Occasionally, due to rain, the beach party is moved into the Palms. Same food, just more comfortable chairs. Our first Friday was on the beach, the second one was indoors.

In our opinion, the Second Floor Atrium Suite is the best room on the property. No TV (who needs it in paradise?) and no footsteps or creaking beds overhead.

Room 2227 has a bit of a beach view, which means you can actually hear the surf at night.

Far too many tourists never leave the confines of the resort. Yeah, the beach is awesome and the food about as perfect as you could want. But there's a whole 'nother side of Jamaica that's just footsteps away.

I always make it a point to walk the beach when I'm at CSA. You can walk for several miles south from the resort and these are some of the things you might see: