Couples San Souci - May 2008

Of the four Couples Resorts, Couples San Souci is the most romantic. A private beach, jacuzzi shrouded in jungle, the cliffs, the terraced landscape, the nude beach. Okay, not so much the nude beach, but it's there if you want it. The food and service are equal to all the other Couples properties, but there's a romantic ambiance that flows like the soft Caribbean breeze through the resort, a vibe so unique that it exists only here. For someone who's a CSA fanatic, CSS is actually a welcome change.This was my third trip to CSS and certainly not my last, although it will be many years before I come back thanks to the tropical magic of Couples Swept Away and Seven Mile Beach.

As a gardener in South Florida, I can't help but get excited over the wealth of the plants in the ground here. Over twenty Crotons found at CSS have made their way back to my garden over the years. And just to see elevation is a treat for someone who lives where it's so flat.

The view from our Beachfront suite in A Block.

A huge Bird of Paradise near the pool bar.

Massive Crotons. Buddy on the left, Bravo on the right.

African Tulip Tree over 100' tall.

Croton Mortii.

Croton Lyrata

Croton Veitchii

Breadfruit tree

Three Crotons: Buddy, Lyrata, Satan

Croton Buddy

Succulent: Euphorbia trigona

Blue Mahoe tree. Flowers come out yellow and turn red the next day.

The Mahoe was tilted in Hurricane Gilbert 1988

Part of the terrace with palms and Crotons

The other side of the terrace with a Royal Poinciana in bloom

Ixora eight feet high

Parking lot with a hedge of Crotons

Fish carved into the trunk of a fallen tree.

Orchids growing from the trunks of palm trees.

The view from the jacuzzi.

The mineral pool with a storm in the distance.


The resident sea turtle (now gone.)

There was a wedding here today.

A view of the beach from above.

Gorgeous sunsets.

The lake with a running path.

More orchids growing in a mass.

Zipling is a great way to spend the day. Here, we're halfway up the mountain.

We've reached the top.

The first platform.

Instructions are given.

And down you go!

Zipping across the jungle.

Tulip Ginger in bloom.

A forest of bamboo.