Couples Swept Away - September 2007

Couples Swept Away has more than its share of beach vendors. Some folks can't stand them, others, like us, look forward to seeing them each trip. They're part of the reason we come back twice a year. Most we don't buy anything from, but just seeing them walk the beach, day after day, reminds us of how fortunate we are to be able to visit their country and in some small way help the Jamaican economy. Those who we do use for wood carvings, beads, and ganja know us; perhaps not by name, but certainly by face.The guy to the right is Elvis and he can get you anything, just ask him. He's my source for ganja. Usually what I buy from him costs less than $30 and at the end of our nine-day vacation, I end up throwing some of it away.

The next three pictures are of "Hat". He walks the beach wearing a Cat-in-the-Hat Hat and chanting, "Cigarettes, cigars, cigars, cigars, rolling papers." Here he's at work, luring a tourist off his lounge chair to buy something from his bag.