Couples Swept Away - September 2015 - Trip 24 of 32

It's hotter in Jamaica in the summer, much warmer and more humid than our October or April trips. The water is tepid, but still refreshing. 15 years of going to CSA, 33 years going to Jamaica.

This was our first trip after joining the CSA Facebook page. We met over two dozen folks from that page. The power of social media!

The view towards the ocean from 2223.

The view towards the lobby.

Here's a happy face.

Sunset on our first night.

Out in the water, ahhh...

A view back toward the beach from the water.

An empty floaty.

Many more horses this trip.

A Travelers Palm rises from a stand of
Bird Of Paradise.

New catamarans and kayaks.

And a new snorkel boat to replace the one that sank last spring.

The swim-up bar that we call the "kiddie pool".

Jerk burgers at the beach grill.
Once again, we put together a "Jerk Tour" to take a group of guests to eat some "real Jamaican jerk." Three stops, as usual, Red Dragon, Bourbon Beach, and Best In The West.

Rocky's Tours provided the van and driver (Rocky himself!) and we provided the hungry tourists.

Our original plan included a stop at Step-Aside, one of the most highly recommended jerk shacks in Negril, but the cook decided to take the day off. Oh well, we'll try him again in April.

Negril is loaded with drum-can cookers and little jerk centers, each one just a little bit better than the next!

The cooktop at Bourbon Beach.

Bourbon Beach's price list.

Jerk sausage and chicken at Bourbon Beach.

Jerk chicken and fries, also Bourbon Beach.

Best In The West, a favorite stop for us.

The cook showing off his meat.

Chicken on the cooker.

This is a $5 lunch at Best In The West:
1/4 jerk chicken, rice & peas, and breadfruit salad.

Lori & Dean Wildman eating lunch at
Best In The West.

Levetta Koehler getting ready to eat lunch.

Lunch at Ossie's the following day with Mark & Heather, Rob & Levetta.

Ossie, the owner.

Paulette, the cook.

The sunken anchor at "Mexico".

A small conch resting on some sponge.
Normally, I go out snorkeling at least 3 or 4 times on a 10-day trip. Sand gravity got the best of me this trip and I only went out once. It was nice to see the new boat, but I miss the old one with the overhead storage to keep towels dry. A word to the wise, bring your own gear and you'll always find a seat on the boat.

A healthy section of the reef.

Some more underwater life.

A Sea Cucumber someone brought up from the depths.

Lots of cats = no rodents.

Some sunset shots.