Couples Swept Away - October 2009

The Jerk Tour began in 2003 or 2004 out of sheer curiosity as to what the local jerk chicken and pork tasted like as opposed to the stuff they were serving at Couples Swept Away. I heard about Ossie's from one of the watersports guys and of course asked the question, "Is it safe to walk there?" The answer, after several minutes of laughter, was, "Yah, mon. Just don't get hit by cars crossing the street!"The original Jerk Tour was just me, walking up and down the beach, across the street to Ossie's and Best In The West, and mentally keeping tabs of where the "real" jerk was to be found.

This tour was the first one where I took a group of CSA guests with me to experience three of the jerk centers I decided were worthy of Alka Seltzer and exercise.

Our first stop, about 2-1/2 miles south of CSA, was Bourbon Beach.

This is the cooker at Bourbon Beach. Brown jerk sauce that was really hot.

Next, about a mile and quarter north, we ate at Best In The West.

And last, about 100 yards from CSA, we came to Ossie's. Some of the best jerk pork on the island.

Ossie's cookers.

This is Bourbon Beach from the catamaran used for the "booze cruise."

Several photos of the caves below Rick's Cafe.

You can swim or snorkel here from the boat.
And you can watch crazy people jump from the cliffs.