Couples Swept Away - October 2013 - Trip 20 of 28

This was our second October in a row where a storm fouled up the beach. A tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico whipped up the waters of the normally calm Caribbean Sea and we ended up using the pool for several days. After getting hit by Hurricane Sandy last October, we decided to try December next year, figuring it will be well clear of hurricane season. We start out the pictures for this trip with sunsets, clouds compliments of the storm.

Shabba the photographer on the snorkel boat.

A huge coral flower.

Strange coral formation.

A starfish, rarely seen in the daytime.

Nice fat fish, suitable for eating.

Brain coral that looks like a skull.

We call this guy "Hat". He walks the beach singing, "Cigarettes, cigars, cigars, rolling papers". He's been there at least 13 years.

Getting ready to sit down for dinner at Feathers, the fine dining restaurant.

Desset at Feathers. I would have taken pictures of the entire meal, but it was too good and we gobbled it down.

Horseback rider and his dog at sunset.

Heavy equipment brought in to bury all the seaweed from the storm.

One of the local dogs just hanging out.

The beach from a floaty.

Another shot of the beach.

Odd looking palm.

Ossie's Jerk Center is right down the road from CSA. These are their credit terms.

Paulette is the cook and master of the hottest jerk sauce on the Negril side of the island.

Ossie's menu and some old calendars.
We came in early October this year to celebrate CSA's anniversary. The party, held on the Friday night of Columbus Day weekend, is a major food fest, but also a VERY busy time for the resort.

The entire dessert area is built over the main pool and the rest of the pool deck is a buffet worthy of a king's appetite.

Lots of ice sculptures.

We were amazed at how long they held up before melting.

One more ice sculpture.

Two five-foot boats filled with seafood.

There were at least six tables of desserts.

Another of the dessert tables.

A display of ice sculptures built over the main pool.

The bread station with carvings.