Couples Swept Away - November 2017 - Trip 28 of 36

This was our first time staying in one of the newly renovated Atrium Suites. (Well, newly renovated last year as they were still working on this year's changes.) The nice warm, Mexican tile is gone and replaced with a colder, stark white, non-slip tile that really changes the ambiance of the room. There's a nice big shelf under the courtyard windows and some new lights over the bed.

The bathroom has been fully upgraded - new shower, new sink and faucet, new toilet. Changes that were long overdue.

We've watched this guy walk the beach for years. From around 10am to late in the afternoon he's hawking "fresh cooked lobster." Okay, fresh cooked at ten in the morning, not so much at 3 in the afternoon. Here a group of guests watch his magic at work. I was tempted to offer them some Imodium for the afternoon's pending e-coli attack.