Couples Swept Away - December 2014 - Trip 22 of 30

Couples Swept Away is truly a tropical paradise. The older section where we always stay features the Atrium Suites - two up / two down - with the upper rooms our choice. Cathedral ceilings, a huge balcony with a hammock, and wooden shutters on the windows. Imagine Robinson Crusoe's home on the lost island twenty years later. Just a few steps from the beach, the restaurants, and yet situated in the middle of the jungle.

Fuchsia flower debris.

Close up of the flower.

A Blue Latania Palm on the beach.

The main jacuzzi.

Palm trees decorated for Christmas.

Another brilliant sunset from the beach.

The main lobby.

Our room is the upper right.

Christmas Palms lining the sidewalk.

An odd shaped Coconut Palm on the beach.

Toes, sand, and sea.

The Palms, the main dining room.

You can fall asleep in the chairs.

A small section of the buffet.


The main pool.

Jimmy the bead man and Glenn the wood carver.

Happy vendors and happy customers.

Did I mention the great sunsets?

A few minutes later.

And a few minutes after that.
The Jerk Tour 2014.

I started the Jerk Tour in October 2009 after spending time on my own, walking Manly Boulevard and sampling food from the various drum can cookers and little jerk shacks.

My love for Jamaican jerk was born on that first trip back in August of 1982. Hot and spicy, Jamaican jerk is the traditional preparation for chicken and pork on the island. In reality, it's just barbecue, but barbecue with a serious kick.

We started at the Red Dragon in Negril where they jerk a small hog, break it down, and finish it in a massive aluminum kettle, garnished with sautéed onions and slices of Scotch Bonnet peppers.

The bar also features the coldest beer in Jamaica. If you go, they bring out the pork around 12:30pm and it's gone in less than a hour!

Serving jerk pork.

The Red Dragon.

Street side view.

Serving jerk pork.

Best In The West, about a mile from CSA. Some of the best jerk chicken on the Negril side of the island.

Here's their cook moving the meat around his drum can cooker.

A table full of food as we get ready to feast.

Half a chicken, a mound of rice and peas and a scoop of cole slaw - $5.

Suzi enjoying the chicken.

Our last stop - Ossie's Jerk Center, 100 yards from CSA.